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see you on the field!

Image by Jake Nackos

TIA On The Run

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Our Team is now coming to your school!

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TIA is NOW on the run! TIA now provides multi-sport, movement, and fitness classes for daycares, schools and summer camps throughout NJ and NY. Our Sports Education Program (SEP) offers programs for children ages 2 and up. Our classes can take place during the school day and provide enrichment programming before or after school. We also provide sports, fitness, and movement programs for day camps. The Athletics Director will customize each program to align with the school or camps desired curriculum and vision. 


All of the sports and/or activities we provide are adaptable and can be played in an outdoor or indoor space. We provide all necessary equipment and give children the opportunity to be introduced to a wide variety of sports. Our preschool classes teach healthy competition, while creating the best positive learning environment possible. 

Our program finds the perfect balance between skill development and gameplay to make sports education a valuable experience. The curriculum follows progression and modification, which is designed to promote physical fitness, skill learning, and self-confidence in each and every child. Our objective is the same for our recreational classes and school program, provide support and encouragement so each child will discovery of their own, “Inner Athlete.”

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