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Makeup and Cancellation Policy:

Missed Class/Cancellation Policy: Full seasonally enrolled athletes will be provided either a credit of the value of the missed class or are eligible to schedule a makeup class for up to only TWO classes per session. If  you need to miss a class, an email must be sent by 8pm the night prior to any morning class or 10am for any afternoon class. Makeups/credits will NOT be given if notification is not given according to our policy. 


Missed Class/Cancellation Protocol

TIA Hoboken: Please email with your child’s name, date of missed class.

TIA Edgewater: Please email with your child’s name, date of missed class.


If you would like to schedule makeup, please view the current Winter schedule HERE. Please provide the date, time, and class name and we’re more than happy to schedule the makeup for you. The makeup class MUST be the same age group and length or an additional fee may be required. Additionally, the class chosen must have open spots in order to make-up.

If you cannot find a class that works with makeup, no problem! You have options; you may also make up the class at our Hoboken/Edgewater location too! No luck there either? We got you!  We can issue you a credit for the seasonal class fee and we can provide a credit that can be used towards a future class/camp/party/event or anything TIA. TIA Credits never expire!

 General TIA Policies:

  • Shoes may not be warn in field area. Socks must be worn on field. They are available for purchase if necessary. 

  • Guardians of participants in any TIA class, camp, or party must sign in and have completed a signed waiver (electronic) prior to entering and engaging in activities. 

  • In the best interest of all participants of any Rookie or Lil' Sport class, there is a limit of one adult per child in the field area. If more than one adult is present, we ask that they kindly watch from our 'dugout.'

  • No food or beverages (besides water) is permitted on field. We are a nut-free facility and all nut products are prohibited on premises. 

  • We highly encourage that photography is limited during all TIA programs. We ask that adults respect and are sensitive to others privacy. Photography posted on social media or reproduced in anyway should only features your child (ren).  

  • Please keep sick children at home. We reserve the right refuse entry or send child home with guardian at our discretion.


Refunds are only given if cancellation of service is made within 24 hours of purchase.

Sales are final for school break camps.

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